Cut Prints Into Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories

Kreyatif Laser Worx brings you the technology to cut prints into clothing, shoes, and accessories for instance handbags.

Again this season, textile laser cutting seems to be a common trend integrated more in detailing of garments. Pillow magazine picked up on this too in an earlier blog post mentioning that "Laser-cut mesh detail and oversized netting are easily the biggest trends so far"

So as a designer you would want to produce textiles and items of clothing fast and cost efficiently, but at the same time not lose sight of individuality? Then Kreyatif Laser Worx is your answer.

The demand for personalized jewellery has taken over the market. We can found that by using a laser, we can tackle an engraving task with greater precision, even on the inside of a ring or the back of a watch. We ca also cut into both flat and curved surfaces, making it ideal for creating exquisite jewellery pieces.So why not write that personal wedding message on the inside of your wedding rings before the big day?