Model Building

Bring The Miniature World To Life

Models just do not have the right effect unless they give a convincing image of the real world.The models must be made as realistically as possible in order to bring the miniature world to life and this is where accuracy in detail plays a vital role. Both extremely fine contours can be cut as well as delicate filigree details and surface structures engraved with the laser cutting and engraving from Kreyatif Laser Worx. It is exactly these properties of laser technology that are later reflected in the various materials rendering walls, roofs or paths attractive and realistic.

This versatility, both in the choice of materials and the wide range of applications, is what makes Kreyatif Laser Worx such an all-round alternative for the model making industry. Laser systems are perfect tools for the design and the manufacturing of models. One main advantage is the fast and flexible processing, enabling model builders to design a model together with the customer, to directly transmit the files to the laser system and thus to produce the model of a house, a car or similar in real-time